Leonard's Ban Appeal

Appeal your ban here.

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Leonard's Ban Appeal

Post by Wastelander1232 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:11 am

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59438745

In game name: Leonard Young

staff member that banned you: don't know

How long is the ban: forever

Reason for ban: using a exploit

Why you should be unbanned: The end loot loading bar in the dungeon appeared twice for me I don't know how I caused it but by the time the loading bar finished for the second time I was banned giving me no time to act and report. I could not use admin chat while the loading bar was active so I had no way of reporting or explaining what was happening.

I don't want to seem pushy but I would really like an answer. I love this game and would like to play some more as I said I don't exactly know what happened and i would love to play some more before this great game decays into my memory.

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Re: Leonard's Ban Appeal

Post by Sammiboy12345 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:11 am