[Timedout] Riley’s unban request

Appeal your ban here.

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[Timedout] Riley’s unban request

Post by Riley2ndk9 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:41 pm

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:129534720

In game name: general Felix

Staff member that banned you: Some guy in crimson pmc

How long is the ban: 8000 something minutes

Reason for ban: “Shooting off a roof and exploiting raider drop”

Why should you be unbanned: I did not shoot any raiders off my roof, let me explain why I got into this mess: I blocked off a big part of town on the current map, stacking fences, checkpoints, etc. then on top of all of this I made a roof top one of my areas to defend from, setting walls and barriers around this door that I owned, and had it locked Incase someone tried to get an easy way up. I’m having a normal walk around and then Phoenix company Murray wants to enter, since he’s an ally I let him through and tells me there’s a raider drop in the back, I follow him, he goes to my fortified roof, he then places 2 barriers and I warn him that by doing that he could make the server lag, he said something back but his mic cut off, so I just let him go ham, a few seconds later he’s fighting the drop, I’m standing beside him / behind him, watching over Incase he dies I’ll recover him, and for your information, I didn’t shoot a single bullet off that roof, only because I wasn’t equipped for the fight, I had 1 single mp5 with barely any ammo (60 bullets or something like that) so I decided to not help him off the roof. Moments later while I’m chilling on the roof top, an admin swoops by and tells me that I broken rules by shooting the raiders from the roof, I tell him that I didn’t fight them, and am simply using this fortification for players only, and backed it up by saying I blocked the town off, he didn’t say anything after that, I continue to go to the floor where the fight has continued, one of my allies dies, and Murray, is getting shot up, so I use my mp5 to take out the last raider with 95 HP, (FYI, this was on the ground on the street) so now y’all know the full story, I want to know why I got banned off assumption, who ever handled my ban was completely biased and didn’t ask for any backup information of why the props were there in the first place, not only did he just take his side, but he didn’t even bring me to a sit to question me, just banned while I was giving my ally back his power armor. Absolute shitted on, and I didn’t get the time to dupe my town props, and I couldn’t stay to defend my faction members shit on the floor, i got banned for the wrong reason and I just want to be unbanned and get an appolgoize my from the admin that banned me, cause that was some top tier bullcrap

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Re: Riley’s unban request

Post by MikeNespo » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:10 pm

Just so you know we aren't ignoring your appeal. The staff is working at a verdict on your situation and we will get back to you soon. Please be patient and refrain from DMing staff as that wont expedite the process.