Server Update 1.7

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Server Update 1.7

Post by Tampy » Sat Mar 14, 2020 6:44 pm

The 1.7 Server Update
Of course, I'm always going to have a small speech before talking about release notes.

For about the past month, we have managed to maintain a stable player base and an average of 20 players per day, I just want to thank you all who actively play on the server, and pointless as it may sound. I would also like to thank Rucksack Murphy for streaming in attempt to pull on players via twitch. Before continuing on I would also like to discuss COVID-19.

You guys should know already, and if not you're probably living under a rock, about the Coronavirus Disease that is actively spreading all around the world. I know that it may not really impact us as much as a community, as a lot of us are younger, and the danger really lies with people who are older and have weaker/weakened immune systems. I just want to get the message out there, wash your hands frequently, 20 seconds, use soap. I understand jokes and memes coming from the virus, I even make some, but when it gets to your home town it will suck, trust me. Personally it has not gotten to my hometown, but 14 cases (as of 3/14/2020) has been located in my state. To those who may be already sick, there is not much I can say except that I hope you get better. I suggest doing some research or find out ways to prevent it from spreading ( ... index.html).

Other than that, I can start talking about 1.7 release notes.

New Content and Changes:

-Conglomerate now spawn: There is really no significant change to them, but they spawn automatically now.

-Weapons: Ever single firearm in the entire server that is available to players have been updated or changed. We have not gotten to experience every weapon to know if they are balanced or not, so we will allow you to use them and tell us what you think.

-More quests have been released on the Quester: There is 11 new quests, and also a new system in place to work with the quest.

-The dungeon has been reworked: The dungeon only spawns NPCs when a player enters, and there is a global cooldown timer on the entry door to prevent multiple players from entering at once, spawning a bunch causing lag.

-New Item (Antique Hatchet): A new melee weapon. Only scavengable, and rare.

-Stimpak use timer has been changed: Stimpaks now apply in a shorter amount of time, and you can also run faster while using them.

-Raiders have new personal items: Now can spawn with metal armor, which has a chance to drop, and their KS-23 and Remington have a chance to drop.

-Notification Messages appear on your screen instead of chat: This is for when an automatic event happens, like Raider Boss, Enclave, etc.

-Scavenger has more health: They have had their max health increased from 75 to 85.

Bug Fixes and Removed Content:

-Melee weapons have an active blocking animation: The old animations were broken, so in their place they now have new ones, which are kind of lame because they're just fists.

-Plasma/Incinerator Weapons no longer launch vehicles: This issue has been resolved. Report any alternative issues if you experience them.

-NPC Optimizations: EVERY NPC should finally have their collisions disabled.

-Class Descriptions: They have been updated so they don't use outdated information anymore.

-Scavenge Nodes: They freeze after spawning, to prevent a bunch of active entities moving around the map, causing lag.

-Starvation: When a player is a wastelander, and they're starving and start to take damage, they no longer immediately have their health set to 100 going downhill from there.

-Jet: Running speed and athletics have been fixed on its use.

-Community Lockers: A bug where they don't store more than 10,000 lbs of weight should be fixed.

-Cannibalism: No longer gives XP off dead players.

(Note: everything further down is a removed item. You can ask for a refund if you had one of these items.)

SKS 20-Round Mag: Removed, an obsolete item, especially when everyone gets the 30-rounder instead.

SG-550 30-Round Mag: Removed, in return the weapon will have 30 rounds by default.

9MM Drum Mag: Removed, item shouldn't be available.

Spas-12: Removed, weapon is extremely buggy. Will need some fixing.

Radstorms: Disabled, they should no longer be autospawning. Everyone is annoyed by them, they serve to purpose.

Other Changes and Addons:

-pn_baredesert_v3: A new map version has been released with multiple optimization fixes, navigational mesh improvements (especially with roofs), and a few new points of interest.


That is all there is for this update. You can reach out to me via discord (Tampy#5530) if you have any concerns or questions.