Server Update 1.5

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Server Update 1.5

Post by Tampy » Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:40 am

The 1.5 Server Update

First, before continuing on, I want to thank you all for continuing to stick with us for the past 9-10 months, especially through the drama that was going on. Recently it has been difficult for me to push out another update, because school suddenly became a thing, but I intend to stick with the community as long as I can. Anyways, this is a slightly smaller update, but doesn't void any major changes being made.

So, what's new?

-NPC Core Improvements: All of the NPCs have had their collision boxes optimized, and fixed. This means you should be able to walk through them before, and it will lag the server a lot less that it use to.

-The Conglomerate Force: Yes, they're back. BUT still do NOT spawn so it ties into the major event that I hosted yesterday. They will begin to spawn tomorrow.

-New Scavenge Nodes: (Credit goes to Westen.) Instead of running around the map looking for nodes that spawn, these new ones are static around the map, and they give ONLY items when scavenged. There has been a new rule going with this as well. You are not allowed to prop block them to be owned just by you. If you intend to base somewhere and there is these nodes inside that area, contact an admin to have them removed.

-Raider AI Changes: Instead of wearing the same old boring gear that they always wear, Raiders will now wear multiple different clothing and armors. Voice lines have been added back for them and there is only one type of raider instead of multiple. Armors are being weird as of right now, so they will not drop, but I intend to fix that soon. (To admins: This may defunc the bznpc tool.)

-Bottlecap Trader: The bottlecap trader has unfortunately turned into a vending machine. This is so your eyes don't bleed when he starts doing stupid animations for no reason.

-Helmet Visors Changes: Helmet visors have been updated to look realistic, or more annoying, whatever you want to call it.

-No Tool Zones: A new admin tool, just prevents players from dropping tools inside said zone.

-New Weapons: 4 new weapons have been added, 2 of which are accessible by players.
*Spaz-12 (Obtainable from Shotgunner Conglomerate)
*XL-70 (Craftable at the CNC Mill)
*BB Gun

Minor Changes/Fixes

Bug Fixes:
-A duping glitch

Weapon Changes:
-Minigun: Damage Reduced, Ammo Capacity Increased to 200.
-Rotten Mound: Damage Reduced, Fire rate Increased.
-M249: Damage Reduced, Ammo Capacity Increased to 150, Firerate Increased.
-Hunting Rifle: Fixed bolting time, Removed Scope.
-FN Fal: Damage Increased.

Armor Changes:
-T60: Buffed all stats (shouldn't be comparable to X-02 any longer.)

That is all for the update. If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact me via discord (@Tampy#5530) or forums.