BOS and PC fucking me over

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BOS and PC fucking me over

Post by Gub Gub » Fri Apr 03, 2020 8:28 pm

The Brotherhood of Steel and Phoenix Company both have at least ONE staff member in them (and that is ok) but I feel that if Riley got permad for only like 2 days and then got a bunch of +1s (from people who are in his faction, keep in mind Bernal, Tampy,) and he is prolly gonna get unbanned and banned for like 1-2 days, then why is calling some random staff member a retard spot me a month ban? I recently made a new faction called "The Syndicate" and I try to PVP and steal shit yes yes ok but I tried to fuck over BOS by going to war with them, we wiped the two BOS members that were on like twice then got wiped by legion and while we were getting fucked by Legion BOS called their bois in so we had to negotiate an end to the war so I don't really care shit happens it is apart of the game... Thing is I think the BOS and PC are scared of me and so instead of fighting me like a real faction they instead find the tinniest bullshit reason they can to ban me for as LONG as they possibly can to get me out of their hair and try to fuck over my faction, I've already had 2 of my faction members leave because of this and I think this is their plan to fuck me over and I don't think this is fair fuck BOS fuck PC. BOS is abusing their 90% staff faction title to fuck me over. They invalidate bullshit whenever they get into PVP they are a bunch of pussies that have to call in three of the best Legion members and their entire faction to deal with some guys in raider armor and KS-23s. I really fucking hate how this is a problem and I'm not saying this just because I wanna get unbanned, I REALLY do think they are abusing their staff positions to fuck me over because they are scared of me. I mean look at Riley, he is getting fucked over by staff because he is their enemy. And I can admit, Riley is a retard but still he gets fucked over for way more shit then he should, I don't like Riley in the slightest but you gotta admit enemy factions to PC Legion BOS all those big factions with staff members in them get punished for way longer then other people. Alcatraz murdered 3 people for no reason in a sit and I don't know if he got unbanned but that is still RDM. If me or Riley did that shit we would be kicked from the Discord banned from the forums and everyone would fucking block us and leave our factions, you know what that is the case? Because BOS and PC are FUCKING US seriously 3 weeks for calling a staff member a retard? What is the bare minimum for staff disrespect? I don't even know but I remember when I got fucking pissed once and I was only banned for four days and back then I wasn't even anyone I was just a retard in Bernal's shitty NCR faction but now I am a leader of my own faction and I'm suddenly getting fucked? What that makes no sense notice a pattern? I am getting screwed over here and so is Riley. I think the solution to this is not having 90% of your staff members in one faction, have diversity the "wasteland" where you can't kill someone even though they lead a raider to you, would be so much better if there were more factions around, that is why I left VTR and went to start my own faction to fight VTR, hell I even wanted to help PC and Brotherhood fight VTR for shits and giggles I made a bunch of propoganda signs and now that shit is going to waste because I am being fucked over.