Server Update 1.8

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Server Update 1.8

Post by Tampy » Mon May 18, 2020 8:09 pm

The 1.8 Server Update

I want to apologize for the absence for the last month with the server and everything. This is a medium/small update. Otherwise, patch notes.

New Content and Changes:

-Vehicle Storage Upgrading: Players now have access to a new system where they are able to upgrade their vehicle's storage in exchange for resources. Each upgrade increases storage by 100 lbs. Regular Players can upgrade a max of 4 times, while Donators can upgrade 8 times.

-New Weight System: There is a new overweight system in place. You can carry up to your carrying capacity, but once you start going over your max weight you will begin experiencing debuffs to athletics. These are not long term debuffs, they only last as long as you are overweight.

-Broken Items Breakdown: Players are now able to breakdown broken items for reusable resources. Players will only receive the amount of resources needed to repair the item for now. This may change in the future.

-Player Statistics: Players now have basic stats displayed in their TAB/Equipment menu. This may expand in the future.

-Menu Reworks: Some menus have been changed to fit with some new systems, mainly the new weight system. Options menu has been changed.

-Player Functions: Some player actions have been changed. Players now have nerfed movement speed by default (any speed buffing armors have NOT been tampered with), Thirst decreases faster than hunger now, Sleeping and Waking up have been removed to prevent players from abusing it (If you need to afk you can sit inside a house or go to spawn).

-New Weapons: Pulse Shotgun has been added, Pulse SMG has been added. (Note that these are from a different addons pack, report errors if you experience any.)

-Player/Enemy Cases: Player cases have been changed. Instead of having a delay timer from accessing the case, a player must now enter it and take items individually (does not auto-equip), and also hit a button that takes all of the ammo and resources from that case. If you experience any errors or have any ideas please report them.

-Food: Melons and Oranges no longer have the eating animation so they can be consumed faster.

-Leg Animations: Some leg animations were adjusted so you don't see your stretched body.

Bugs/Exploit Fixes:

-Vending Machines: A duping exploit patched.

-The Quester: A duping exploit patched, and a quest jumping bug.

-Player Storages: Item stealing exploit patched.

-PAC3: Issue where players turn into HL2 Models after hitting clear is patched.


If you have any questions or need to report errors please contact @Tampy#5530 on discord.