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Server Rules

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I. General Rules

(A)-Do not RDM. Freely attacking other players without a reason will result in a punishment. If you wish to attack other players with a valid reason, look under baiting (section IV or 4) for more information.

(B)-Do not use props to minge or damage other players/NPCs. You are forbidden to use spawned props as cover while fighting NPCs. If you have a vehicles you may use that.

(C)-NLR only applies upon PvP related situations. If you die to a NPC, you may go back and get your stuff. If your stuff is taken by another player while returning, you CANNOT act upon it. If you die to another player within rules, you cannot return to the area and cannot act upon it in your new life.

(D)-Hacking and Exploitation will not be tolerated. If you are hacking, you will be permanently banned from the server with no chance to appeal. This also applies with exploitation with the intention for self benefit or to ruin the games economy. You will be rewarded for finding exploits and reporting them.

(E)-Harassment will not be tolerated. There is an extent players may go to but not cross the line.

(F)-When warning players, you must yell your warning (/y before your message) and you must have a valid reason to warn them. As the player being warned, you have the option to comply or disobey. In certain scenarios, the player being warned may attack first, but only if the warning player includes a death threat. For example: being yelled at to leave an area is NOT a kill reason for you. If they said something like "Leave this area or die!", that is a valid kill reason, and you may personally attack or place a hit (section XI or 11). As the player yelling the warning, you must give the opposing player 5-10 seconds to respond before attacking.

(G)-You need a valid RP Relation in order to defend you friends or allies. A valid RP relation would be: Faction Members, Faction Allies, or Hirer/Mercenary.

II. Fail RP
FailRP is when you do something that you would clearly not be able to do in roleplay. Here are some examples:

(A)-Using OOC (Out Of Character) knowledge to attack another player. If you firsthand witness a person is RP relation get attacked or killed, you may respond to the situation. If they are not near you but giving you information (like through steam or discord), you may go to the area, and if you see the fight taking place you may respond, but if your friend is dead or respawned, you may not do anything. However, if they are defibrillated, you will gain that knowledge and can respond to the situation.

(B)-Taking revenge against another player who you knew had killed you in a past life is not acceptable. This does not apply if you were defibrillated.

(C)-Using your third person camera to look through buildings for entities such as lockers, or raid-able items. If you want to know whats behind a wall, that's what a wasteland radar is for. You may use third person to corner peek.

(D)-If a staff member is attempting to play the game as a hidden character, and they don't want players to know who they are, respect their wishes. Calling out staff members is not acceptable, even if you know who they are.

III. Account Usage

(A)-You are responsible for everything that happens with your account. If you lend your account to someone and they get you banned, you will still not be excused.

IV. Baiting
Baiting is an attempt to get someone to respond to a situation for the 'Baiter' to get a valid kill reason against them. Here are some examples of acceptable baits. Note that you may only attack back in these situations if the person you are baiting attacks first. If you wish to bait players, it is highly recommended to record as proof during admin sits.

(A)-Stealing an item from other player's trades. Scamming yourself is also acceptable.

(B)-Stealing a player's vehicles.

(C)-Intentionally ramming people with a vehicle (This may be classified as minging if you are constantly doing it).

(D)-Dropping a personal storage to the public for players to press E on it so you may attack. However, your locker MUST contain equal to or more than 250 of each resource in items (This rule does NOT apply to community locker or stockpile baiting. You are not allowed to use community lockers/stockpiles to generate war requests).

(E)-Dropping a grub in public. If people attack it you may kill them or if they call raid.

(F)-Custom KOS zones, if people enter you may attack them or if they call raid.

(G)-In-game slandering. Do not harass with this.

(H)-Bringing a hostile NPC or Enemy to town (This may be classified as minging if you are constantly doing it).

(I)-There is many more ways to bait players, but if you are not sure about certain ways please ask staff about them.

(J)-War Baiting: Having a member of your faction intentionally get killed by a person in another faction while you witness it only to kill them will generate a valid war request.

There is also Bad Baiting, which is classified as minging. Bad Baiting is putting people in a situation where they have to react without choice. The only exception for this is the witness system. Remember to ask about performing certain situations of baiting if you are not sure.

V. Minging
What is minging? Minging is actively being a nuisance inside the server with the intention to gain from it, or ruin other player's fun. Bad Baiting also falls under here.

(A)-Intentionally body blocking a door way. This is not allowed in any situation.

(B)-Following someone and actively targeting them in order to get them to respond to your situation. Running near someone and throwing a single insult is fine, but consistently doing it until they act upon it is target harassment and will not be tolerated.

(D)-Prop pushing. This is stated in general rules, but pushing players with a prop to kill them is not acceptable.

(E)-Constantly running your vehicle into someone in order to get them to respond.

(F)-Constantly running your vehicle into town with the intention of hitting someone to get them to respond.

VI. Murder
You may kill people on the server if you have a valid reason to. Not having a reason is and always will be labeled as RDM (Random Death Match). The following lists some acceptable reasons to kill a person. This ties in with the baiting section.

(A)-If a player crosses your or a faction member's/ally's KOS (Kill on Sight) sign. Note that this sign must be Clearly visible, and a line to indicate where the KOS zone is.

(B)-If you are scavenging a node and another player comes up to scavenge it, you can yell a warning that you claim this node and that they must back off. If they do not stop scavenging your node within a few seconds of the warning, you may kill them.

(C)-You may actively kill anyone on the opposing side of a raid. Refer to the raiding rules (Section XVIII or 18).

(D)-If someone steals an item that you own or is NOT meant for them, but you must make this very clear that it is not meant for them.

(E)-If a player is not complying with your text warnings.

(F)-If a player you a trading with does not give you what you requested or fails to meet the expectations (in other words, if they are scamming you).

(G)-Someone is actively spreading rumors about you or your faction / ally post-warning.

(H)-If you kill someone, and another person, related or not, comes up and revive them, you may kill both the person that was revived and the reviver. You are not allowed to personally revive a person you just killed to kill them again for more resources.

(I)-If a player brings a hostile NPC or Enemy to town.

(J)-If a player runs you over while you are not on a road and are in the middle of the wasteland. If you are going to act upon this though, you must require some form of proof.

(K)-If a player does more than 19 damage (anything 20 damage or above), presumably on accident, you have a kill reason, even if they recover your lost HP for you.

(L)-When a kill reason is generated for you, you have 5 minutes to act upon it yourself, and 15 minutes to place a hit. If you lose those 5 minutes to act, you still have 10 more minutes to place a hit. However, if you disconnect or reconnect to the server, that kill reason is suddenly obsolete, meaning you cannot act upon it. Same in any case that the map changes. It is recommended that you remember how long you have.

(M)-If you are going to kill someone for the reason that they had baited and enemy into you, you must have some form of proof (most likely video) to present if there is an admin sit. This is to make sure that people are not intentionally taking damage from enemies players are fighting in order to gain a kill reason. If you do not have proof, the situation will automatically be refunded, and if the admin thinks you need to be punished that is up to them to decide.

VII. Player Suitcases
Player suitcases are the items that have dropped from a player when they have died.

(A)-Anyone can freely take a players items until it is claimed. To claim an unaffiliated case, you must yell a warning that you now own this case (Ex. "Case Claimed"). If a case is claimed, the claimer can kill anyone who takes the armor or interacts with the case. You will know if a player is interacting with the case as they will play an animation for it. If a player is pretending to loot a case that you have claimed you may still kill them with the kill reason being valid.

(B)-If you see a faction member's/ally's case, you automatically have the right to defend it, meaning anyone who interacts you can kill without a claim warning. Same with the armor.

(C)-If you kill another player, you automatically claim that case with no warning required.

(D)-After killing a player, you cannot intentionally wait for more people to interact with it to kill them.

(E)-You must claim a case in Text chat, after this warning anyone who enters the case is killable.

(F)-If two or more people claim a case at the same time or seconds afterwards, they may freely attack anyone else who has claimed it.

(G)-Telling people to leave the area of a case will automatically open up a kill reason for them.

VIII. New Life Rules
New Life rule, or NLR is only applied if you died in a player combat situation, meaning you are not allowed to go to that area for the next 5 minutes. As stated in general rules, if you die to a NPC you can go get your stuff, but if another player takes it, you must accept the fact that you have lost that stuff and you cannot act upon it.

(A)-Under no circumstances may you kill someone for breaking NLR. If they come back with the intent to try and kill you again, you may defend yourself and call an admin for it.

IX. Community Warfare
Wars are created when two or more factions accept a war invitation from their community menu. During wars, either side can kill each other with no reason. War requests are also generated from the witness system when a player fails to kill the surrounding members of a faction members death, or when a faction member interacts with another community's stockpile/locker. People can also send out war requests as a challenge. The following rules listed are things that apply or are voided during the duration of the war, or are revolved around the generated war requests.

(A)-During a raid, one side is likely going to kill another, meaning that war requests will get generated. In this case, if the attackers get a war request from the raid, it is invalid and they cannot accept it. HOWEVER, if the defenders get a request, they can choose to accept or deny it.

(B)-NLR Is voided during wars. You may go back somewhere and try to kill an enemy if you want. You still cannot break NLR during raids.

(F)-A war lasts a total of 48 hours, or 2 days from the moment it is accepted. During the duration, if one side wants to end, but the other side doesn't, the war continues. After the duration, if one side wants to end, the war ends. If both sides want to keep fighting, the war extends until they do not want to fight anymore.

(G)-When a faction receives a war request, they have 5 days from the moment it is generated to accept it. If you accept it after the 5 day period, the war will be labeled as invalid, unless both sides are fine with it.

(H)-As a precaution, before you accept a war request, you must take a screenshot so staff can manually review it to make sure it is valid.

(I)-During wars, allies cannot participate. This means that while two factions are fighting, if you are an ally, you CANNOT get involved with defending or attacking. You should have received a war request when your ally community accepted it. You are either participating or not.

(J)-Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: If you are baiting and it somehow backs fire with a faction getting a war request against yours and you do not want to partake in it, you CANNOT knowingly disband your faction to dodge participating in a war. If you do this and the other side had the intention of accepting it, you will be labeled as deserters and are free to be killed by the faction that had the war request.

X. Deserting
Deserting is when you leave while actively at war with another community.

(A)-You are allowed to be killed freely by either side(s).

(B)-You can be killed for the duration of the war.

XI. Bounty Hunting and Bodyguards
A bounty hunter is someone who accepts a hit placed on another person. A bodyguard is... well, a bodyguard. When you hire either, you must type a valid hire situation in chat, such as asking them if they want to be hired, and if they say yes, you give the resources. This is intentional to log it.

(A)-Only Wastelanders are allowed to accept hits and bodyguard hires.

(B)-As the bounty hunter or bodyguard, you cannot accept more than one contract. If you are hiring, you can have as many bounty hunters or bodyguards as you want. In the situation that a bounty hunter's hit is a friend, they can ask if they wish to counter hit on the original hirer, and if they deny, you must kill them.

(C)-To be hired, the hirer must pay atleast 100 of each or more raw resources.

(D)-Bounty Hunters can only be hired if the hirer has a valid kill reason on someone.

(E)-Bounty Hunter contracts cannot carry from map changes or reconnects (either as the bounty hunter or the hirer).

(F)-Bounty Hunters only have 30 minutes to complete a bounty. If they do not complete the bounty, nothing further can occur.

(G)-If the Bounty Hunter of the Hirer die, the contract is expired.

(H)-If you die as one of many bounty hunters, you cannot return with your friends to continue the bounty.

(I)-If you want to hire more than one bodyguard, you can do so, but you must pay the same price to them as you are paying everyone else.

XII. Wartime Mercenary
Wartime mercenaries are different from regular mercenaries. While regulars are hired for one life, wartime mercenaries are hired until the war is over.

(A)-You can only hire wartime mercenaries during active war. They must be a Wastelander, and remain the class for the duration of the war.

(B)-The price to hire wartime mercenaries is 1000 of each.

(C)-When you are hired, you are hired until the war ends. Meaning you cannot redact your contract or end it until the war is over. Death will not end your contract.

(D)-When hired into a war, you can be freely killed by the other side if they know you are hired.

XIII. Combat Logging
Combat logging is when a player disconnects while they are actively fighting other players or NPCs. The only time this is excused is if the other player crashes on accident.

(A)-You cannot log off while knowing that there may be a kill reason against you or a bounty hunter looking for you.

(B)-You cannot log off to avoid death from an NPC.

(C)-If you happen to steal more than 1000 of each resources (including items) from a case, another player, etc. you cannot log off for the next 30 minutes.

(D)-You are not allowed to unequip items to avoid losing them while in combat.

XIV. Basing
Bases are structures built by people to defend their valuables, although this is already obvious.

(A)-You can only have a maximum of 2 fading doors in a base. You are allowed to have as many map doors locked as you want.

(B)-Crouch bases are not allowed, neither are maze bases where player have to jump over obstacles or navigate multiple walls.

(C)-You may not use materials that are 1 sided under any circumstance.

(D)-You cannot stack fading doors on top of each other.

(E)-You may not have fake keypads, and working ones must be placed in sight of the door it controls and nearby.

(F)-You can not use Fading Doors as any sort of tactical cover.

(G)-Auto close doors are not allowed in bases. Once a door is cracked in must stay open for the duration of the raid.

(H)-The act of cracking one fading door can not cause another door to close.

(I)-No private bases are allowed within the confines of the spawn area.

(J)-No odd textures allowed on bases, such as fullbright bases. Use realistic materials.

(K)-A hallway must always be 2 players wide.

(L)-You cannot materialize a fence but you are required to use the color tool to change the opacity to around 50%.

(M)-You are not allowed to have anything no-collided in your base.

(N)-Your base must not exploit any sort of hit box. (Eg. Body parts protruding out of the ceiling or wall).

(O)-You may not use head glitches, where if is difficult or impossible for an attacker to see you while you can see them.

XV. Public Outposts

(A)-Public outposts/towns are considered public and can not be raided.

(B)-You must put a sign stating it as a public outpost. Signs that say things like Bars/Shops/Stores count as public outposts.

(C)-If a locker or a stockpile has been placed in a town, you can not raid the entire town, only the owners of the item.

(D)-If a locker is dropped you may also kill the owners faction members inside the town once raid is called.

(E)-Other members within the town and allies can defend the one getting raided but this will cause them and all faction members to be KOS within the town for the duration of the raid, and any war requests generated can be accepted against the assisting parties.

XVI. Towns

(A)-If a map has a town built in it, it has to be considered public unless the residents owning buildings agree upon making it a base or public outpost.

(B)-Bars cannot be raided unless they have valuables such as stockpiles or community lockers in them.

(C)-Bunkers, caves or underground areas are not towns; These areas can be made private. However, this does not apply if the entire map is underground.

(D)-You may charge a max of 10 resources for admission to a town.

XVII. Door Ownership

(A)-You may only own one base, and that means, 1 front door to one building, if you own the front door, you own the building. If there is a door inside owned by someone else, you may ask staff to give it to you.

XVIII. Raiding

(A)-You must call raid using /y RAID. [You may include other things in the raid call, but raid must be clearly visible, and not be hidden or be trying to hide it. As such, Raid must be at the beginning of the sentence. IE: /y Raid, you’re dead meat! < This is ok. /y What’s up bitch! Raid! < This is not ok, Raid must be at the start.]

(B)-You cannot pick up any raidable objects inside a base while you are being raided.

(C)-You cannot raid a base that is in construction, an outside keypad signifies a finished base no matter what.

(D)-No raidable object can be dropped while a base is under construction, if you suspect something has been dropped contact an admin.

(E)-Raidable objects/valuables are the following items: Stockpiles, Lockers, Grubs, Thumpers (Only raidable if it is privatized, meaning that the owners are either blocking it or not allowing you to take the resources).

(F)-You may not raid a base solely if it has a keypad.

(G)-Plants are not raidable.

(H)-If you are killed during a raid or the entire raid party leaves it is still considered over and you may not raid that base again for 1 hour.

(I)You cannot spawn any props or large items (cars, storage lockers) during raids. You may set up cover before it begins. [You may not build a base directly outside the building, you may set up a FOB near the area, but not in front of the building you are going to raid.

(J)-You cannot raid single small locked rooms unless you know there's something on the other side worth raiding (Like hearing grubs or actually seeing the raidable object).

(K)-You may raid a base if it is harboring an enemy of war. You must warn them in text with a yell beforehand and give them 3 minutes. If the person inside refuses to leave and the base owners let you in to kill them/kidnap them, you may not raid the base owners.

(L)-Kill on sight signs are raidable (KOS).

(M)-Raids can only last a max of two hours.

(N)-Silent raiding can not be killed for unless you have a KOS on the building/base you are in. If you catch someone silent raiding you must tell them to leave and they must do so on your command. If they do not leave you can kill them.

(O)-Mutfruit farming behind locked doors or inside a base is raidable.

(P)-Blocking off the resource production from miners for yourself is raidable.

XIX. Water Sources

(A)-You can not privatize these sources. They must be public for everyone.

PAC3 is an addon on the server which allows players to further customize the way they want to look. There are some rules to using this feature though.

(A)-You are not allowed to use the addon to look into buildings or other areas.

(B)-You are not allowed to change your character’s hitbox, bones or size.

(C)-Your character has to have the same amount of limbs, meaning that you can’t be a robot rolling on a wheel or anything like that.

(D)-Do not pac yourself wearing armors and refuse to disclaim to people that it's fake. You'll be pac banned for doing this.

(E)-Don’t use sounds, lights or any other effects unless you know what you’re doing.

(F)-In general, stay away from over the top flashy characters and stay within the Fallout universe.

(G)-Don’t pac yourself as an alien or mutant unless it resembles a human shape.

XXI. Miscellaneous
(A)-You may not kill anyone near spawn or "spawn kill". This still applies in war even with NLR being absent.

(B)-Do not randomly destroy player's generators or solar panels. A valid reason to destroy them would be war, or raids. Even kill reasons are not a valid reason to destroy them.

(C)-Do not place your textscreens or signs over other players with slander on it. If you are going to slander someone, place it below or to the side of their textscreen.

(F)-When you kill a player who is apart of a faction, if they are near any of their members the witness system will start playing. You will have 5 minutes to kill anyone who is listed in the witness system or they will have a generated war request. The witness timer is separate from the kill reasons timer. After those 5 minutes to kill witnesses is up, you CANNOT kill them and you CANNOT place a hit.

(G)-Mugging is allowed, but you have to have a kill reason on another player in order to make requests from them. You can only request items that they have currently equipped, nothing in their inventory or vehicle. The player that you may be mugging can still attack you, as FearRP does not exist on this server.

(J)-Admins may determine if cruel and unusual punishment may by enforced on a situation in-game, but it also must still be reasonable.