Player Report - Marie/Winter/Sheriff

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Player Report - Marie/Winter/Sheriff

Post by Evilsweetblock » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:38 am

Your Name In-Game: Mike Simms
Your SteamID:

Offenders Name In-Game: Marie/Sheriff
Offenders SteamID: Wont tell me because they're bein a lil bitch but their discord is Winter

What happened/why are you reporting this player? Make sure to include all details even small ones, this should be very descriptive, think like you're in an admin sit explaining your side of the story: Mk so, The giant war between NCR/Vault/Ram Ranchers and Enclave has finally ended. Everyone is relieved and is starting to wind down. A lot of us start fucking around since the server is lagging. We're punching eachother, killing eachother, defibbing or letting eachother get our cases back, a lot of OOC bullshittery. So this one time, I say "The jews fear the samarai" and pull out a wakizashi. I get hit by bernal or rook or someone and start slicing them. I get gunned down by Cellex, but bernal takes the case because walse was eyeballing it and had been pretty jewish while we were fucking around. I asked Bernal to give it back, and he tells me to fight for it, because why not, its a meme. So I fight him, and win, and then Cellex/Marie/Sheriff guns me down and tells me the reason why is "You killed my allies ally." I talk to bernal afterwards, we all consent it was an OOC event that happened and therefore none of it counted. I asked politely for Winter/Cellex/Marie/Sheriff to give me my sword back, they refuse. I gun them down as according to what we all agreed upon, it was an OOC death and they just straight up stole my shit, same as if I had dropped it in town. So I whip out my gun and kill em. After I kill em, I go into a building, and start storing everything for later in case theres an admin sit about it. This person decides instead of taking a sit they come back into town and gun me down AGAIN. And this time saying "You RDMed me so I can RDM you" and then takes my case, and yeets off.

What evidence can you provide?:
I was recording the wholeass process but unfortunately only the last 2 minutes of it saved.

Did you lose anything unfairly during the incident?:
Lost my Wakizashi, which I guess is fair if the kill is deemed valid. But I also lost a bunch of ammunition that I stole from them when I killed them, as well as like, 100ish each.

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Re: Player Report - Marie/Winter/Sheriff

Post by Tampy » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:03 pm

If two players consent to a fight, friends or not, the ally or mercenary CANNOT kill the opposing player if their ally is killed. They are allowed to claim the case, or take it, but not kill the other player because they had consented to a fight.