[Denied]Medic Staff Report

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[Denied]Medic Staff Report

Post by Yurik » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:05 am

Your Name In-Game: Ro Po
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:6058796

Admin's Name In-Game: Medic
Admin's SteamID: Unsure of how to get another players Steam ID.

What happened/why are you reporting this admin? Make sure to include all details even small ones, this should be very descriptive, think like you're in an admin sit explaining your side of the story:
I made an alt character to mess around on. Medic (the staff member in question) had me turn to a Scientist and make him a keypad cracker. He used this keypad cracker to break into a factions Plant Base. The rule physically state that plant are not a raid able object. He claims that they "invited him inside" if he managed to crack the code, but there was never any permission for entry ( have a screenshot of these chat messeges) The people who own the plant base told him that raiding plants is not allowed by the rules, and he continued anyway. He begins to steal the Mutfruit that is produced by the plants for a few minutes. Then calls "booty call" and disappears probably for a sit.
Medic is a staff member and should know the rules. Yet he blatantly broke them after being told many times he is breaking the rules.

What evidence can you provide?: Multiple video clips and screenshots, as well as multiple witnesses.

Did you lose anything unfairly during the incident?: A sizable quantity of mutfruit.

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Folding Freeman
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Re: Medic Staff Report

Post by Folding Freeman » Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:11 pm

You are very correct about them not being raidable at the moment buuut from what I read he didn't kill anyone or call raid itself, all he did was break in to it, which isn't against the rules. You can break into peoples bases without it actually being a raid, but the person actually breaking in can't kill either. All the person was doing was breaking into a base to steal, not raiding.

Keep in mind please that a admin report is for them abusing their powers. This can be made as a just a normal player report and you can state that it was an admin's alt character.